Dryer Vent Cleaning

The number one reason to get your dryer vents cleaned is to prevent a house fire! Once the lint starts to build up throughout your exhaust then it is only a matter of time before it starts to cause some serious damage. Another reason to get your dryer vent cleaned is because it makes drying take longer, so if you notice your clothes are a little wet still then it might be time for a cleaning!

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Our Process


1. Tech Will Greet You

Our technician will begin by greeting you at the door and walking you through the process in person.


2. Set Up

Once our technician is done giving you the run down, he will start setting up the air hose and bring in the tools required for the job.


3. Start Cleaning

Now, our technician will begin cleaning the dryer vent from the outside of your home using an air tool to reverse the debris out of the run.


4. Pack Up!

At this time, the technician will be packing up everything and getting ready to collect payment!

Before & After Photos

Lint BuildupLint BuildupLint Buildup


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