Tile & Grout Cleaning

Over time, tile can become stained and grimy, making it an eyesore and potentially affecting its lifespan. Fortunately, cleaning tile is a relatively simple process for us. We use a special tile cleaning tool with cleaner and hot water to get rid of any grime or stains. We also remove the old layer(s) of sealant and put down a new coat of sealant to make it look even better!

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Our Process


1. Tech Will Greet You

Our technician will begin by greeting you at the door and walking you through the process in person.


2. Set Up

Once our technician is done giving you the run down, he will start reeling in the hoses and bring in the tools required for the job.


3. Start Cleaning

Now, our technician will turn on our truck mount machine and begin cleaning your tile!


4. Pack Up!

At this time, the technician will be packing up everything and getting ready to collect payment!

Before & After Photos

before pictureafter picturebefore pictureafter picture


What benefits come from cleaning tile?

How often should I get my tiles cleaned?

How much does residential tile & grout cleaning cost?