Tile Cleaning

Dust Out's Tile Cleaning Process

We start by applying chemicals to the tile to remove the old sealant and any grime that has built up over time. We typically let the chemicals sit for about 5 minutes before we start the next step!

Next, we will use a special tile cleaning machine that will use hot water and a brush agitator to remove the chemicals and left over grime and sealant.

Finally, we apply our sealant and let it dry! You will need to wait about 2 hours before you can walk on the floors and then 24 hours before you can put any furniture back on the tile.

You can keep your home safe and avoid problems with duct cleaning from DUSTOUT and don’t forget to add your dryer vent EPA recommends getting them done annually and with good coordination and scheduling and time slots morning, afternoon and evening appointments 6 days a week .

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