Air Duct Sealing

According to the US Department of Energy and Energy Star existing duct systems leak 20%-40% ON AVERAGE! Improve complete comfort in your home or business by eliminating hot & cold spots and improve the temperature balance in your home with Aeroseal.

How Does The Duct Sealing Process Work?

At DUSTOUT, we use a patented breakthrough technology that was invented by NASA to seal leaks and holes inside of your air duct system. This technology will seal the unreachable areas in your air duct system from the inside out and will seal any leakage that taping and mastic cannot seal. With duct sealing those hard to heat or cool rooms will have more even temperatures and will be more comfortable. Humidity levels are also easier to control after the duct sealing. Duct cleaning and sealing with DUSTOUT will produce better air quality for your home and business.

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What To Expect From Us!

1. Meet the Customer

Our technician will begin by greeting you at the door and walking you through the process in person. It is recommended that you are not in the home when we start sealing the ductwork.

Set Up

2. Set Up

Once our technician is done giving you the run down, they will start setting up for the sealing process, this process will consist of:

  • Covering all wall and floor registers with foam and seal tape.
  • Cover your belongings where the furnace is with plastic.
  • Setting up the Aeroseal machine and getting it ready for sealing.

3. Start Sealing

Now, we begin to seal your ductwork! This part of the process will typically take 30-60 minutes to complete.

4. Pack Up!

At this time, the technician will be packing up everything! They will also present you with a certificate of sealing which will show you a computer-generated analysis showing measurements of air duct leakage before and after the duct sealing process.

Why Choose DUSTOUT?

Dustout Air Duct Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning is your company for your Complete Comfort of your home or business. The benefit of choosing Dustout for your duct sealing needs is that we can offer you all your cleaning needs. Dustout offers, duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, duct sealing, carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning at the BEST price all the time. At Dustout we have successfully developed a process that runs effectively, while delivering you excellent service. We can solve all your hot and cold room problems, poor air flow, odor problems and your extremely expensive energy bills for home and business in Michigan.

Dustout Air Duct Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning is always on-going communication with our staff and our highly trained team of technicians. We are always working hard on a better way to serve our customers.

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