Internal Coil Cleaning

Research video of conditions inside a typical chilled water coil

Avoid Equipment Replacement and Restore It!

External or Air Side coil cleaning is widely recognized to be beneficial for system performance and efficiency. However, there are two sides to every heat exchanger, fin & tube coils, shell and tube or plate & frame. Seldom do we consider the internal state of these systems. They are never seen, and it is presumed that whatever water treatment strategy being used is doing its job. The fact is that after years of use and no thought to ongoing maintenance, this side of the heat exchanger may have decades of biological and mineral build up. If you mix Glycol in the system you most likely have even more build up within the system.

Biomik has pioneered and patented a new non-destructive, Clean in Place (CIP) process to restore both flow and thermal transfer from these nook and cranny structures. Our process is also hyper effective at removing particulate, large and small, from these structures.

You can keep your working safe and avoid quality control problems with internal coil cleaning from DUSTOUT, and with good coordination and scheduling doesn’t have to wait for shutdown in some cases.

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