Chilled Water Coil Restoration

Chiller based cooling systems are used in large commercial and industrial systems. These systems usually service a number of large AHU. The coils that reside inside of the units have between 4-10 rows of tubes making them 6-12 inches thick. They can also have a very tightly packed fin configuration. This size and configuration makes it very difficult to effectively clean the whole surface area of the coil.

The Biomik Process has been specifically developed to achieve the goal of optimizing the thermal transfer surface of the coil in its entirety. Optimized coils will deliver improved air flow and delivered more BTUs to the service area. This will have a profound effect on the chilled water loop. The coil will become more efficient and squeeze more BTUs out of each gallon of chilled water that passes through the coil. The net effect is that fewer gallons of chilled water are required to meet the cooling load. This reduction of chilled water required is where energy savings materialize.

How It Works

  1. 1. Best in class Clean in Place (CIP) methodology that utilizes Super-heated Pressurized Water. This process is highly effective on both biological and Industrial fouling. Years of development has maximized cleaning ability while eliminating risk to the coils being optimized.
  2. 2. A Biological solution to a Biological Problem. Think of our Probiotic coil products as tiny active and multiplying cleaning machines. They actively enter and utilize natural biological process to detach and remove the real enemy of coil performance.
  3. 3. Quantifying performance gains and energy savings. Measuring the gains in air handler performance is a difficult and time consuming task. A comprehensive approach that can trend BTU output for a period of time before and after is the only sound approach to determine the net benefit of the Biomik Process. These Measurement and verification (M&V) services can be added on to your project to help all interested parties understand the real benefits of your project.

You can keep your working safe and avoid quality control problems with Cooling Tower cleaning from Dust Out and, with good coordination and scheduling, we can clean them in the down season. Contact us today for pricing or for more information on cooling tower cleaning.